Model : SC12, SC15, SC02, SC03, SC04, SC05, SC06, SC08, SC10

Single colour short link chain is the standard shage types.
There are several sizes from 1.2mm to 10mm for different applications.
Chain SC12, SC15 are recommending for elegant eyeglass chains, phone tags, key chains etc.
Chain SC02, SC03, SC04, SC05 are referred for decoration, hanging baskets, pet chains, toys and so on.
Chain SC05-SC06 are applied on exhibitions, crowd controls, barriers, chain and link fence, clothes chains( washing lines) or coat hanger.
Chain SC08, SC10 are basic for crowd control, garden barriers, golf clubs, etc.
Available colours: 1- black, 2 - white, 3 - red, 4 - orange, 5 - yellow, 6 - green, 7 - blue, 8 - pink.
(e.g.: green chain 10 mm – SC10-06).


 Model : SC112
The new largest size 12mm plastic chain is designed in rusty-like surface and is in strongest geometric.
A new color silver-grey is selectable on SC112. The silver-grey color with rusty-like surface simulate steel chain exterior. It cause a different and interesting feeling when produce typical color such as black, red/white, or yellow/black chain.

Application Field:
Seaport, harbor, craft, and parking lots need obvious partition, warning or caution.