Model : LPA03-01R

Description : 
We offer several types of LED Post. With our LED Post you will completely change the atmosphere of your room. Our LED Post attracts your customers for its luxury design. For more attractive view you can choose many variation of using. Excellent for your hotels foyer, theatres, and different kind of parties as wedding party, birthday parties, etc.

The LED Queue Stand is a pure white, graceful designed post. For use in hotels, main halls and delineators to welcome honored guests; and a big surprise of lighting displays after switch it on.

The function modes are controlled by remote. There are 5 display modes described as below:
(1) Fixed color: Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/White/Blue/Purple by different button
(2) Audio control -> initial dark, bright as receive huge bass sound
(3) Slow speed change 7 colors.
(4) fast speed change 7 colors.
(5) Strobe mode

Specification :
Height: 970mm
Diameter (tube): 65mm
Diameter (base): 360mm
Weight: 1,3kg