Model : TPA01-32, TPA01-51, PA01-01, PA01-02, PA01-05, EPA01-01

Description : 
Portable & freestanding posts which are easy to install, weight-light to carry and stock everywhere, high visibility for eye-catching, no rust, no injury risks.  For place in hotels, queue lines, airports, crowd control, break areas, etc. For better stability weighted with ballast stone or sand. Recommend to hook plastic chains or ropes on the posts as instant barriers. Ideal low cost alternative compare to Stainless Stanchions.
Post TPA01-51 and TPA01-32 are ideal for traffic safety as very visible warning signs.
Post PA01-01, PA01-02 and PA01-05 are ideal special for outdoor using, mainly for exhibitions, crowd control, etc.
EPA01-01 post is ideal for indoor using, especially for exhibitions, trade shows, hotels, etc.