Model : TPW01-51, TPW01-32, PW01-02, PW01-01, RPW01-12

Description : 
Portable & freestanding posts which are easy to install, weight-light to carry and stock everywhere, high visibility for eye-catching, no rust, no injury risks. For place in hotels, queue lines, airports, crowd control, rest areas, etc. For better stability weighted with water, ballast stone or sand, up to 6.8Kg with filled-water (compare with 8 Kg usually as a traditional metal stand). Ideal for low cost alternative compare to Stainless Stanchions. Recommend to hook plastic chains or ropes on the posts as instant barriers.
Post TPW01-51 and TPW01-32 are ideal for traffic safety as very visible warning signs.
Post PW01-01, PW01-02 are ideal special for outdoor using. Are ideal special for exhibitions, crowd control, etc.
RPW01-12 – This Post is ideal for construction, even for night using.